How to make mac DVD drive region free

This is an excellent tutorial I found about making you DVD region free for macs. NOTE: These instructions technically only work on Tiger but I did get working in leopard following this persons post:

For everyone trying this on Mac OS 10.5.*, there is a way to get this to work. I personally tried it and it worked out perfectly. What you have to do is fool the system into thinking the OS version is 10.4.9. This is how you do it:

Find the file SystemVersion.plist in Volume System Library CoreServices

Open up this file in a text editor (I used my HTML editor, Coda) and change the ProductUserVisibleVersion string and the ProductVersion string to 10.4.9.

Run the firmware again and it will be working like demonstrated in the video. After you come back in OS X after the restart and run the programs to test if your player is region free change your SystemVersion.plist file back to the version of OS X you were running and restart your computer.

This step is necessary because the DVD Player software in Leopard only works for Leopard and not Tiger.

Hope this helps!

WARNING: After following these instructions everything worked except that I couldn’t restart my computer. I needed to hook my mac up via firewire cable to another mac. I shut down my mac (the one I ran the DVD firmware update on) and turned it back on while holding the ‘t’ key. This puts your mac into target disk mode and allows you to access its contents from the mac you hooked it up to via firewire. I then navigated back the file, Volume System Library CoreServices and changed the values back to the original (in my case 10.5.8). Restart the computer. My computer booted back up just fine with an unlocked DVD drive.

You can also visit the link here:

DISCLAIMER: This can be hazardous to your computer and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could cause irreparable damage to your DVD drive. The main thing you want to make sure of is that all programs are closed down and you have a very reliable power supply. If the power goes out during the firmware upgrade you could be in trouble. I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of these instructions or the outcome from following them.