What will you make with the new Apple Tablet?

All the buzz at the moment is the much anticipated Apple Tablet (or iSlate) which is due to be unveiled January 27. There’s been much talk about what it will do and most people seem to be sure that it’s going to change much of the way we read news and other publications. There’s has been little talk though about how it will effect things like the music or movie industry.

Take the JazzMutant Lemur for example. It’s a wonderful multi touch device that offers amazing creative features to musicians. But the device, which costs around $2000, only does one thing and that’s it. The Apple tablet will be able to provide this functionality simply with an application that may cost $10 or even $100. This is really where a multi touch tablet begins to show its value. Take our recent  Arduino, OSC, iPhone and DMX project. I could simply port this processing application to the new Apple tablet and instantly have a relatively large wireless lighting console.

Or lets think about Final Cut. Imagine having a surface with your projects timeline on the tablet while seeing a full preview on your desktop computer. You could edit your whole project intuitively using only your hands while relying on the processing power of your desktop computer.

I think the possibilities are huge. Since Apple has taken this long to get the tablet out the door I can only imagine that it’s going to be done right. Do you have any plans for programs that could really benefit from somthing like the Apple tablet?